About Us

Coote Engineering Ltd. have been designing and manufacturing machinery and steel moulds for the precast concrete industry since 1977.

With this wealth of experience, we can offer optimum solutions for the worlds precast concrete manufacturing requirements. With your goals in mind, a Coote system can help you achieve increased and more efficient production with your concrete facility.

About Coote

Highest quality, both in design and manufacture

Coote Engineering is a privately owned family run company with a global reputation for providing products of the highest quality, both in design and manufacture. Our objective is to provide products with the highest standards of customer back up in both technical and service support.

About Coote

Utilise both 2D and 3D CAD design

Coote Engineering utilise both 2D and 3D CAD design coupled with CNC manufacturing facilities to ensure that our products, from either our standard range or custom designs, are always manufactured to the highest standards. All our equipment carries the CE mark where applicable.

About Coote

Extensive range of standard products

Coote Engineering offers an extensive range of standard products to meet the demands of the marketplace. In addition to this, our team of qualified engineers are able to provide a specialist custom design and manufacture service from our headquarters in Northern Ireland.

Coote Engineering are a "Complete Systems Provider" with the following abilities:

  • Complete designs from concept to engineering drawings
  • In house FEA analysis
  • Complete in house pre-fabrication (cut, fold and machine all parts required)
  • Manufacture of complete precast systems and moulds
  • Product all needed electrical panels
  • In house PLC programming and Automation for Precast Systems
  • Supply a complete Precast Production System
  • Install all items provided from our Company.
Coote Engineering

Coote Engineering, continually investing in the future of precast, for the future of precast.

  • Coote Engineering will liaise with other manufacturers if required, to provide a complete package of products to suit our customer’s requirements.
  • This exceptional level of service provides the reassurance of knowing that in choosing Coote Engineering Ltd as your partner you have made the correct choice!
  • With the Coote Engineering system it will allow you to extend your product range easily and economically while maintaining high quality in product standards.
  • As a world leading design and manufacturing company, it is our aim to provide our customers with the correct product choice and best possible solutions to meet your specific needs. We couple this with a commitment to provide ongoing spares and technical backup, which is second to none.
  • When you choose a Coote Engineering solution, you can be sure you have invested in a modern, versatile system that will repay you many times over. It is faster in production and requires less floor space than any other system. It is safe, foolproof and virtually maintenance free.
  • Coote Engineering have an unrivalled reputation for designing and manufacturing standard and bespoke steel moulds for precast concrete products. Being an industry leader in the worldwide steel mould market, Coote Engineering offer their unrivalled experience in the manufacturing of steel moulds to the customer. From the standard products to bespoke steel moulds for specialised precast products, Coote Engineering have the global reputation for unrivalled quality and superior mould design.