Pallet Cleaner

Increase system efficiency and product output with Coote's automatic pallet cleaner.

Allows a pallet to be set down for unloading while another is ready for collection by the Pallet Handler. Once the product has been removed the empty pallet is automatically moved through the pallet cleaner. The pallet is automatically brushed to remove any excess debris. The pallet has a thin layer of demould oil applied automatically which greatly reduces product sticking.

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  • Pallet Cleaner Production Run

    1. The Pallet Handler places a pallet with cured product onto the Pallet Cleaner Entry Station and removes the clean and oiled pallet from the Pallet Cleaner Exit Station.
    2. The Pallet Cleaner waits for the Product Unloader / Stacker to remove the cured product from the pallet. Once this is removed and the pallet is clear of any product the Pallet Cleaner conveyor will start. This only starts if the Exit Station of the Pallet Cleaner is clear.
    3. After the conveyor has run for a certain time the brush starts to rotate. As the pallet moves under the brush, any excess concrete or material is removed.
    4. After another time has passed the oiler begins to spray the pallet as it passes under the oiling nozzles. The amount of oil is controllable by pulsing the nozzles to a required setting.
    5. The brush will run for a preset period of time before it stops as does the oiling.
    6. The conveyor will stop running when the clean and oiled pallet reached the Exit Station.
    7. The oil is contained in a pressurised vessel that will need to be refilled periodically.
  • Pallet Cleaner Specifications

    • Size
    • Ranging to suit system size and pallet width

    • Operations
    • Automated

    • Debris Collection
    • Removable Bins

    • Oil Drip Tray
    • Included

    • Oil Pressure Vessel
    • Included

    • Oil Pressure Vessel Capacity
    • 40 litres

    • Air Supply
    • Required

    • Controlled Oiling System
    • Included

    • Power Requirement
    • 5.5 kW 380/415 VAC 3 Phase 50Hz (can be changed to suit your local power supply)

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