Interlocking Block Moulds

An ideal way to turn waste concrete or leftover readymix into profit.

The Coote 8 Nodule interlocking block moulds are used for casting individual precast concrete blocks. The resulting interlocking blocks can be laid dry in a variety of different applications. Interlocking Block Mould’s are an ideal solution for leftover ready-mix or waste concrete. Precast blocks can usually be cast with no reinforcement, or alternatively half filled, reinforced and finished when leftover concrete is next available.

Traditionally moved with a block clamp, it is possible to cast a lifting eye into the mould body so that the blocks can be installed by a crane. There is a divider available for the creation of one true half block or two half blocks in the mould. View our gallery below to see the various different forms of blocks that can be made.

3D Image
  • Available Block Types

    A quality product at an affordable price.

    One of the most durable interlocking block moulds on the market. The 8-nodule design simplifies the stacking process and guarantees a tighter fit with a better interlock. Simple to cast using poker vibration.

    • Capping Blocks
    • Front Sloping Blocks
    • Stepped Blocks
    • Plain Top Blocks
    • Dividers
    • Multi-Angle
    • Buttress Style
    • Forklift Inserts
    • Bespoke Moulds
    • Custom Blocks Available
  • 1200x600x600

    • Weight of Block
    • 1021 kg

    • Weight of Mould
    • 156 kg

    • Meters of Concrete
    • 0.43

  • 1600x800x800

    • Weight of Block
    • 2442 kg

    • Weight of Mould
    • 270 kg

    • Meters of Concrete
    • 1

  • 1500x600x600

    • Weight of Block
    • 1284 kg

    • Weight of Mould
    • 200 kg

    • Meters of Concrete
    • 0.53

  • 1800x600x600

    • Weight of Block
    • 1552kg

    • Weight of Mould
    • 213 kg

    • Meters of Concrete
    • 0.64

  • 1600x800x400

    • Weight of Block
    • 1214 kg

    • Weight of Mould
    • 232 kg

    • Meters of Concrete
    • 0.5

  • 2400x600x600

    • Weight of Block
    • 2042 kg

    • Weight of Mould
    • Unavailable

    • Meters of Concrete
    • 0.85

  • Custom Sizes Available

    • Custom blocks and sizes are available upon request. Contact one of our sales team for more information on sizes.
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