Dry Cast Moulds

With our own in house design team utilising the latest 3D technology and design software we can design and manufacture any mould to suit your product needs.

3D Image
  • Dry Cast Mouldage Production Run

    1. Cement, aggregates & pigments and blended together to create a dry or semi-dry mix, which is then deposited into a mould via a Coote Filling System.
    2. The mix is poured into the Dry Cast moulds which are manufactured from steel bodies designed to suit your individual product needs.
    3. The dry mix is tipped out into the mould and vibrated. It is then also screeded to create a flat smooth surface
    4. The product is removed from the mould to be stacked. Stacking can be either manual or fully automated through a robotic arm or another robotic system.
  • Potential industries for Dry Cast Moulds

    • Construction
    • Construction
    • Railway Projects
    • Residential Buildings
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Agricultural Products
    • Marine Projects
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