Standalone Moulds

The only limit to our moulds is your imagination.

Standalone Moulds are used within a range of different industries all over the world. Coote Engineering have designed and manufactured standalone moulds which have been trusted by companies globally. We understand that clients have different needs, this is why we can design a mould that is custom built to your specific needs.

3D Image
  • Standalone Moulds Overview

    • With our own in-house design team incorporating the latest 3D technology and design software, Coote Engineering can design and manufacture a steel mould to suit your needs.
    • The Standalone Mould is used for large products that can not be used as easily in a Precast Concrete Machine. The Standalone Mould is likely to be able to open and roll apart easily in order to reduce the workload of the operators.
    • All Standalone Moulds are designed and manufactured in-house at Coote Engineering and we pride ourselves on the quality that we produce.
  • Typical Types of Standalone Moulds

    • L & T retaining walls
    • Bunker Wall
    • Livestock Drinkers
    • Sea Defence
    • New Jersey Barriers
    • Junction Boxes / Connection Chambers
    • Utility Channels
    • Box Culverts
    • Feed Troughs
    • Septic Tanks
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