Wet Cast Moulds

As well as a large range of standard moulds, we supply custom designed moulds to suit customer requirements.

No project is too big or too small.

We strive to produce quality moulds at a competitive price to ensure your concrete products, whether large or small, are produced to the highest possible standard.

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  • WetCast Mouldage Production Run

    1. Cement, aggregates & pigments and blended together to create a wet mix, which is then deposited into a mould.
    2. A Polyurethane or ABS liner is used in the mould to create the decorative surface on the finished product.
    3. The wet mix is allowed to cure in the mould and the finished product is demoulded, and moved to a pallet.
    4. Colours and textures can be varied by using different combinations of additives enabling subtle changes to be made in style, colour etc.
    5. Product stacking can be either manual or fully automated.
  • Potential industries for WetCast Moulds

    Garden Landscaping is to the fore of the home design and lifestyle revolution, and is here to stay. Already well established within the United Kingdom, the concept of using landscaping to enhance the home environment is now an accepted practice throughout the rest of the world.

    • Construction
    • Road Projects
    • Railway Projects
    • Residential Buildings
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Agricultural Products
    • Marine Projects
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