Wall Panel

We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing one of the best wall panel beds available on the market.

Pre-Stressed wall panel beds provide an easy and cost effective alternative to a shuttered or block wall reducing the unpredictability of time on site.

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  • Wall Panel Overview:

    • Available in up to a 300 Tonne load, Coote Engineering can supply a bed to any length. Standard sections come in 12m lengths but can be manufactured to shorter lengths to accommodate your required size.
    • Typical casting widths are 1.5m down to 0.5m and the specially made adjuster bars allow for fast and easy set up to the correct width without having to tape it! The divider plates and holding bars are supplied for all sizes needed.
    • Fixed width Wall Panel Beds are available and give a much quicker turnaround time due to the fast opening / closing of the sides. Available up to a 150 Tonne load and with all the optional extras, if you have a need for a fixed width wall panel bed that will help increase your productivity then give us a call.
    • A positive acting mechanism locks the side former into position and applies the required pressure on the front edge of the side which minimises any chance of seepage.
  • Fixed Bed Width Options:

    • Fixed Beds up to 1.0m width
    • Can insert a floating side shutter at 0.5m / 0.6m / 0.75m / 0.8m
    • Side shutters up to 180mm deep
    • Up to 150 Tonne Load
  • Adjustable Bed Width Options:

    • Adjustable Beds up to 1.5m width
    • •Adjustment to 1.5m / 1.2m / 1.0m / 0.8m / 0.75m / 0.6m / 0.5m
    • Adjustment widths to suit customer requirements
    • Side shutters up to 280mm deep
    • Centre or Offset Tongue & Groove
    • Up to 300 Tonne Load
  • Wall Panel Optional Extras:

    • Soft Detensioning
    • Multi Strand Tensioning
    • On Bed Vibration
    • Pull Along Vibration
    • Heating Pipes
    • Stressing Jacks
    • Stressing Pumps
    • Heavy Duty Wire Reel Holder
    • Many others available
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