An ideal machine for start up producers, the Megacast can do it all.

The Megacast clamps, lifts and rotates through 180 degrees allowing moulds to be placed into and removed from the stack, and product to be easily stripped from the mould onto demould pallets. The Megacast system is used for the production of wet cast products up to 1.4m in width, 600mm deep and up to 5m in length.

The lifting of the clamp units is restricted to 1.4m, which leaves the stacking height at 1.0m. The standard Coote Engineering clamping and rotating system is utilised in this system.


3D Image
  • Megacast Production Run

    1. The concrete holding hopper is filled.
    2. The operator moves the Megacast over the mould that is located on the vibration system.
    3. The operator positions the hopper over the top of the mould. The hopper door is then opened to the correct level and the vibrator begins which provides a steady flow of concrete.
    4. The hopper is moved along the mould filling it with concrete, when a suitable level has been filled the operator starts the vibration system from the controls located on the pendant arm.
    5. The concrete is levelled with the vibration and any low spots in the mould are filled by the operator.
    6. Once the mould has been suitably filled, the hopper is parked in the park area of the main frame. The Megacast then clamps the mould and brings it to the curing area.
    7. A cured mould is then selected and is brought to the demoulding position (can either be front or rear with this system). The product is demoulded from the mould which is brought back to the front of the system to be filled with concrete again.
    8. Alternatively, all cured moulds can be emptied/demoulded prior to the filling process.
  • Megacast Specifications

    • Hopper capacity
    • 1.0m³

    • Max Lift Capacity
    • 4,000 kg

    • Max Mould Lift
    • 1.4 m

    • Max Product Depth
    • 0.4 m

    • Vibrator Mounted on chute
    • Included

    • Production Capacity
    • Up to 25 gangs per shift

    • Controls
    • Manual operation with Danfoss lever valve bank

    • Power Supply
    • 7.5 kW 380/440-volt 3 ph. 50 Hz or can be changed to suit local supply

    • Safety System
    • Collision barriers - 4 barriers mounted in conjunction with safety relay

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