Used for the production of products up to 1.75m in diameter and up to 1.0m in length

The Multicast consists of a feeding unit with rotary feeding, vibrating table and a press head. The Multicast produces cones inside dia. up to 1.5m with a height of 1.0m, manhole risers inside dia. up to 1.8m with a height of 0.33, 0.5, 0.66 and 1.0m and trapped & untrapped Gullies.

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  • Multicast Production Run

    1. The concrete holding hopper is filled with concrete.
    2. The operator moves the distribution belt forward over the mould that is clamped onto the vibrating table.
    3. The operator activates the distribution belt and the concrete begins the rotation of the concrete divider.
    4. The vibration is activated and the operator continues to fill the mould with concrete.
    5. Once the mould is filled, the operator retracts the distribution conveyor and moves the press head into position.
    6. The press head is then lowered into the top of the mould and the rotation begin. This leaves the upper profile on the product.
    7. When the press head is finished it is moved out of the area and the vibrating table clamps are released.
    8. An overhead gantry is fastened to the mould and it is lifted clear of the vibrating table.
    9. The mould is set down at a certain position and the bottom ring is released. This allows the product to be removed from the mould straight away.
    10. The mould is then set on another base ring to clamp it and is then set back down onto the vibrating table for the process to begin again.
  • Multicast Specifications

    • Production
    • 30 – 40 products per shift (Product Dependant)

    • Product Size
    • Up to 1800mm in diameter and 1000mm in height

    • Product surface area
    • 1800mm x 1800mm

    • Hopper Capacity
    • 0.8m³

    • Hopper Movement
    • lifted and lowered 500mm

    • Feed Belt Length
    • 2500mm

    • Feed Belt Width
    • 600mm

    • Vibrating table adjustment
    • 500mm

    • Circular heads rotation
    • Up to 20 degrees

    • Concrete Divider:
    • operates in a diameter of 1.8m maximum and 0.8m minimum.

    • Operations
    • Hydraulics

    • Operator Controls
    • Manual

    • Control Panel
    • Hydraulics controlled from lever bank with electrical push buttons operated specific functions

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