Pipe Machine

The Coote Pipe Machine is a dry Cast filling machine used in the production on concrete piping products.

Used for the production of Manhole Risers, Concrete pipes, Conical shaped risers, Manhole bases, Trapped Gulleys, Box Risers etc.

3D Image
  • Pipe Machine Production Run

    1. The base plate is raised to ground level, the pipe base rings that form the male socket of the pipe are then placed onto the base plate. The mould and the top socket finishing rings are in the raised position.
    2. The base plate and the mould are lowered into the cellar over the pipe cores.
    3. A circular feed tray, located at ground level is moved over the top of the mould into position. Rotating agitators feed the concrete into the pipe cavities. During this cycle the high frequency vibrators consolidate the concrete into the mould.
    4. After the pre-timed filling cycle has finished, the feed tray moves back into the rear park position. This allows the top socket finishing ring to lower vertically into the freshly filled concrete in the mould.
    5. A forward / reverse rotating motion combined with a preset downward pressure and a low frequency vibration forms the top socket of the pipe.
    6. After a preset period of time the base plate, mould and top socket forming rings complete with the freshly formed pipe/s are raised vertically to the ground level. During this time the mould is jacked from the concrete pipe before the top finishing socket rings are removed.
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