A Dry Cast filling system capable of producing a range of products.

This machine carries out a complete dry cast process, it uses a belt feed and hopper for fast filling, powerful linear vibration and employs a unique rotary screeding process.

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  • Production Run

    1. The concrete holding hopper is filled with concrete.
    2. The operator moves the Rotascreed over the mould that is on the vibrating table.
    3. The operator lowers the feed tray to the vibrating table and then starts the hopper belt. This runs the concrete from the hopper into the feed tray. Agitators located in the feed tray assist in the dispersion of the concrete and increase concrete flow.
    4. The feed tray and hopper are then moved along the mould in order to completely fill the mould with concrete. The vibrating table is running at this stage in order to help consolidate the concrete into the mould.
    5. Once the mould has been suitably filled, the feed tray is raised and the finishing disc is lowered. The disc rotates at a high speed and is moved along the top of the mould several times.
    6. Once the operator is satisfied with the finish given by the disc, it is raised and the hopper unit is moved into the park position of the Rotascreed. The operator then moves the mould that has just been filled to a demould position. An empty mould is then brought back to the vibrating table by the Rotascreed and is ready to be filled while the previous mould is demoulded.
  • Rotascreed Specifications

    • Typical Cycle Time Approx
    • 210 - 330 seconds (product dependant)

    • Available Sizes
    • 4m / 5m / 6m

    • Installation
    • Machine arrives with "Plug + Play" for ease of installation

    • Hopper Capacity
    • 1.25m³, can be extended if required

    • Power supply
    • 22kW 415 Volt AC 3 ph 50Hz or can be changed to suit local supply

    • Max product depth
    • 0.4m (dependant on vib table position in floor)

    • Efficiency
    • Load Sensing Piston Pump used for greater machine efficiency and control

    • Safety
    • Typical Coote Safety system with collision barriers in conjunction with a safety relay

    • Finishing System (Option 1)
    • Disc mounted on rear of Hopper or on a separate finishing unit

    • Operations
    • Vibrating Table Start/Stop and Speed Control possible from Operators Seated position

    • Finishing System (Option 2)
    • Screedbars mounted on rear of hopper or on a separate unit

    • Controls
    • Manually operated proportional controls

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