Screw Doser

Single or Twin Wet Cast Screw Doser’s may be supplied in conjunction with a simple vibration system or with a hydraulic pusher or a gravity controlled roller feed on and off lines.

These systems can be manually operated or can be based on time. For a very accurate dosing system for both single and twin Wet Cast Screw Doser’s, a weighing system may be utilised. The Wet Cast Screw Doser gives a flexible solution to rapid filling of hand moulds and individual paving moulds, with the ability to change quickly from one product to another.


3D Image
  • Product Specification

    • Hopper Capacity
    • 0.5m³

    • Operations
    • Timed Dosing or Weighed Dosing

    • Fill Options
    • Side Fill (90°) or Front Fill (180°)

    • Mould Loading Options
    • Manual or Hydraulic

    • Vibrating Table Size
    • 0.75m wide and 2m long

    • HMI Controls
    • Touchscreen

    • Recipes Memory
    • 20

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