What is Precast Concrete?

Posted On: January 5, 2022

Coote Engineering Ltd. have been designing and manufacturing steel moulds for precast concrete and precast concrete machinery market since 1977. But what exactly is precast concrete?


What is Precast Concrete?

Precast Concrete is a product used within the construction industry which is produced by casting concrete in a form which makes the product reusable. Examples of this are precast concrete slabs, flooring etc. The precast concrete product is then cured and transported to the construction site where it is then lifted and mounted into place. This method simplifies the onsite construction process as the walls/ flooring etc has only got to be moved into place rather than cast on site.


What is the difference between concrete and precast concrete?

The main difference in concrete and precast concrete is simply that precast concrete uses moulds designed for the project at hand. These are traditionally used on a precast concrete site and then transported to the construction site. Standard concrete is laid out and cured on the construction site itself.


How long does precast concrete last?

Precast concrete buildings or components can have up to 100 years service life with minimal up-keep. The designs used for these precast products hold a large factor over the life span of the concrete. Structural engineers can arrange the shapes and structure in a way that resists the effects of the natural elements while maintaining its structural integrity.


How strong is precast concrete?

Precast manufacturers commonly use concrete with compressive strengths in the range of 4,000 psi to 5,000 psi. Curing the concrete in a controlled environment is crucial to its longevity. Along with ensuring precise moulding and fabrication, curing concrete in house all but guarantees that it will remain as strong as possible for as long as possible once it’s put into place.


Is precast concrete sustainable?

Precast concrete and environmental liability are completely compatible. Sustainability in concrete products comes right from the constituent materials used in making concrete. It doesn’t use scarce resources that are hard to obtain, expensive to purchase or difficult to work with. In comparison to the harsh resources it takes to produce plastic or steel, precast concrete products are extremely sustainable.

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