Why does precast concrete cost less?

Posted On: February 3, 2022

Why does precast concrete cost less?


With any large scale project such as a house, road, wall etc there is always one main question that rises above all others, what is the cost? Cost is the number one factor to making idea’s a reality and for businesses across the globe, keeping the profitability of projects high is essential. In previous years, the same methods have been used which often were composed of good old fashioned hard work. However in recent times and a immense improvement in technology, there are new methods that can be used that not only reduce costs, but decrease time and increase efficiency.


Manufacturing Costs

Being able to pour in place with concrete may have its advantages, however there are a various amount of external factors that come in to play. These include water supply, weather and materials for shaping or pouring. Each factor also has associated costs such as delivery or supply as well as labour.

To use precast machinery or precast concrete products, these variables are constant throughout the year ensuring the bills do not fluctuate as well as the standard of the product. The ability to mass produce precast concrete products also massively reduces cost through decrease waste as well as lower costs of raw materials through buying in bulk.


Site Costs

The site costs associated with pouring concrete opposed to precast concrete are where the real benefits of precast are shown. Where there can be delays during the installation of concrete to allow for drying and curing, precast concrete is ready to go with strength testing having already happened.

Other costs arise with pour in place such as safety inspections and reports potentially due to weather or the dig area of a construction site which are initially planned within the budget.  Several days or even weeks can increase costs by thousands within the construction industry.



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