The adaptability of interlocking blocks

Posted On: December 14, 2022

The adaptability of interlocking blocks


Interlocking Blocks are extremely useful and adaptable, so much so that they are used all over the world. Some are used for things such as partition walls, road blocks, flood defence and even swimming pools


Interlocking Concrete Blocks


Where can you use your blocks?


Private and public car parks

Industrial estates

Business parks

Construction sites

National Parks

Agricultural gateways and access

Coastal flood defence


Swimming pool building block - Alu Floors Scandinavia Swimming pool construction block: 2 sizes available: Mega Pool blocks 250 H x 250 LARx 1.000 LON GB Mega Pool blocks 500 H x


What can I get?

Interlocking Block Moulds

An interlocking block mould allows you to produce as many blocks as needed. With a smaller mould only requiring 0.5m³ of concrete, the blocks can easily be used by anyone with a small amount of readymix or even left-over ready mix. Another excellent benefit to the block is that it doesn’t need to be filled there and then. The block mould can be half or even quarter filled, then finished later using rebar to join and support the block.


Jersey Barrier Moulds

A jersey Barrier can also be used to block or slow down traffic however they are often used to create specific lanes and keep specific vehicles apart. The units have a unique interlocking system that gives them more flexibility for installing at angles, making them perfect for site compounds.

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