Preparing for the future in the precast industry

Posted On: January 12, 2023

Like everything, preparing for the future in terms of technology and advancement is just as important with precast machinery as it is with other things like phones, laptops, smart watches, and the list goes on. With everyday production, the key to consistency, is having the best possible understanding of your machine. To be able to grasp an understanding as quickly as possible, we have incorporated several key ideas into the design and controls of the systems that have made them the best in the world.


Prepared Design

Within the design process, we test and prepare for all pressures and movements that the machine might bare or need. To be able to get the best out of our machines, we need to ensure that they are designed with the end user in mind. With different factors such as cab comfort to worker safety, we carefully analyse each area that can give the controller the best experience as possible, all while keeping them safe and secure.


Simple controls

Within our online, touchscreen system, we have been able to design a simple layout which makes it extremely easy for any employee or person to understand and manage. User friendly controls creates an easy and efficient experience for the user, potentially reducing time filling, handling, in fault mode etc.


Efficient processes

Efficiency has never been so important among the engineering industry and across the world. Companies are looking for more and more ways to reduce costs, while maintaining or even increasing work loads and production. With Coote Engineering, we have incorporated things such as radio control operation, plug and play installation and automatic pallet handling and cleaning across the full system. With 46 years’ experience producing machinery for the precast industry, we understand how to get the most out of your systems.


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