Contact Coote Engineering If you require any form of automation to improve your manufacturing process. Take advantage of the years of experience that are available to you.

Coote Engineering have developed a reputation for being a company that will work with customers in order to design, manufacture and commission machinery that is unique to the customer’s needs.

A team of in-house engineers coupled with innovative manufacturing processes and a great understanding of conceptual design, both in mechanical and electrical practices, enables Coote Engineering to utilise our complete in-house ability to provide customers with ideal solutions to bespoke machinery requirements.


Automation Options:

  • Complete automation of the plant
  • Automation of the handling systems
  • Semi-automated systems that work in conjunction with operator sequences

Automation Safety:

Safety is always treated as a high priority and in any automated system, safety comes first. From Safety Light Curtains to Interlocked Areas, we use many different means of ensuring that each system is safe for the operator but also productive.

  • A mixture of Manual filling system with an automated handling and unloading system can bring great flexibility to automated processes.
  • The filling is completely controlled by the operator and the moulds can be filled efficiently and quickly by the operator on hand.
  • Mould transfer cars can move/swap moulds from the preparation area to the filling area in an automated process, the demoulding and handling of the moulds/pallets can be fully automated along with the unloading of cured products at the rear of the system.
  • The use of Robots with various designs of product clamping heads have been utilised to ensure fast and efficient unloading of the products.

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