The Coote Prestressed products come as T Beams, Lintels and Wall Panels. With these three different prestressed bed types, you can produce products in large scale amounts with little labour necessary.


The Coote Engineering Prestressed T-Beam Bed can be manufactured to any length, can accommodate up to 300 Tonne live load and is manufactured to the highest degree of quality to ensure that your final product is perfect.


The Coote Engineering Lintel Bed also has a 300 Tone Live load, with the option of an adjustable product length. This is done by using a “spacer” at the begining to separate different lengths.

Producing the Lintels is easy and cost effective with a Prestressed Lintel Bed. The product length can be set at the beginning by using a “spacer” to separate.


wall panel beds are designed with your production needs in mind. With both fixed and adjustable options available, Coote wall panel beds are perfect to produce your precast product.