Pallet Handler

The Pallet Handler is a very flexible and efficient machine for the handling of concrete mouldage, pallets and cured products.

The Pallet Handler is a very flexible and efficient machine for the handling of concrete mouldage, pallets and cured products. The Pallet Handler can be used in conjunction with various Coote feed systems or as a standalone unit. Manual, semi automatic and fully Automated operations are available.

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  • Pallet Handler Overview:

    • The Pallet Handler can be designed/altered to suit many different configurations in height and lifting capacity as per customers specifications.
    • Can be manual, semi-automatic or completely automated to give the customer high output through low investment.
    • There are many attachments that can also be optimised for use with the Pallet Handler: Vacuum demoulding heads, product clamps and many more that can be designed to suit the individual needs of the customer.
    • The Pallet Handler has the ability to lift both moulds and pallets while rotating through 180 degrees to demould or strip product. The Pallet Handler can also move moulds onto and remove them from the vibrating system. Pallet Handlers are operated by a single operator or can be automated to the customer’s requirements.
    • Option of floor mounted or to run on overhead rails. Any Pallet Handler can be fitted with customised attachments specifically designed for the customer’s product. These attachments may include hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or vacuum technology in order to clamp and stack certain products.
    • The Pallet Handler is manufactured to the highest standard of engineering using up to date production methods.All components that are used in the manufacturing of the Pallet Handler are of a high standard and are sourced from reliable and reputable suppliers.
    • The Pallet Handler consists of a standard Coote clamp & rotate system and standard Coote safety interlock between lift and clamp functions
    • The Floor mounted Pallet Handlers can be 3m – 6m in width with a choice from 2.0m to 5.0m lift height. The lifting load for these machines ranges from as little as 3, to as much as 20 tonnes.
    • The overhead mounted Pallet Handlers do not (within good reason) have restrictions on width, lift height and load capacities.
  • Pallet Handler Specifications

    • Lift Capacity
    • 4,000 - 20,000 kg

    • Max Lift Height
    • 3.5 - 5 m

    • Mould / Pallet Length
    • 6.5 -7.5 m

    • Power Supply
    • 22.0 kW 415V 3 Phase 60Hz (can be changed to suit your local power supply)

    • Controls
    • Manually operated Hydraulic Control Valve Bank

    • Lift Speed
    • 9.8m/min

    • Travel Speed
    • 69m/min

    • Turnover Units
    • Twin Powered (This produces 12,000 Nm of turning force)

    • Oil Cooler
    • Included

    • Safety System
    • Typical Coote Safety System

    • HMI System
    • Inlcuded

    • PLC Integrated Safety Control
    • Included

    • Camera System
    • Included

  • Pallet Handler Optional Extras

    • Automation
    • Electric travel
    • Electric lift
    • Product Clamps
    • Lift Encoders
    • 1 Ton Chain Hoist (mounted to machine top section)
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