Lintel bed

Prestressed Lintel Beds are a low cost and easy way to manufacture a load bearing lintel for the construction market.

The Coote Engineering Prestressed Lintel Bed guarantee’s consistent quality for the long term. This Lintel Bed Machine produces Lintels at your specified size using spacers that are fully adjustable. Create the perfect precast lintel product with this easy-to-use machine.

3D Image
  • Lintel Overview:

    • The Coote Engineering Prestressed Lintel Bed can be manufactured to any length, can accommodate up to 300 Tonne live load and is manufactured to the highest degree of quality to ensure that your final product is perfect.
    • The advantage of the Stress on Bed System is that there is no requirement for casting large abutments into your floor which prevents a lot of expensive groundwork.
    • Producing the Lintels is easy and cost effective with a Prestressed Lintel Bed. The product length can be set at the beginning by using a “spacer” to separate different lengths.
  • Lintel Optional Extras:

    • Soft Detensioning
    • Multi Strand Tensioning
    • On Bed Vibration
    • Pull Along Vibration
    • Steel Spacers
    • Heating Pipes
    • Stressing Jacks
    • Stressing Pumps
    • Safety Chains
    • Heavy Duty Wire Reel Holder
    • Many others available
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