High Volume Production Line

The High Volume Production Line is a modular system that can start off as a simple piece of stand alone equipment which can be upgraded and added to, to create an automated production line for decorative wet cast patio slabs.

Start off with the bare minimum to suit your budget and upgrade to fully automated production. The High Volume Production Line is designed to use board sizes of up to 1.0m. This will allow for production of two products at a time. The control method is manual but may be upgraded to automatic if requested.

3D Image
  • High Volume Production Line Overview

    1. Cement, aggregates & pigments and blended together to create a wet mix, which is then deposited into a mould.
    2. A Polyurethane or ABS liner is used in the mould to create the decorative surface on the finished product.
    3. The wet mix is allowed to cure in the mould and the finished product is demoulded, and moved to a pallet.
    4. Colours and textures can be varied by using different combinations of additives enabling subtle changes to be made in style, colour etc.
    5. Product stacking can be either manual or fully automated.
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