XY Feeder

The XY Feeder system is used for the production of wet cast products up to 3.2m in width, 1m deep and up to 8m in length.

The XY Feeder lifts a mould onto the vibration system and fills it. It then places the filled mould into a collection position in front of the stack and lifts the next mould onto the vibration system to start the process again.The concrete in the holding hopper can be dispensed using various techniques suitable to the material in the hopper.

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  • XY Feeder Production Run

    1. The concrete holding hopper is filled with concrete.
    2. The operator moves the XY Feeder over the mould that is located on the vibration system.
    3. The operator positions the hopper over the top of the mould. The hopper door is then opened to the correct level and the vibrator begins the flow of concrete.
    4. The hopper is moved along the mould filling it with concrete, when a suitable level has been filled the operator starts the vibration system from the controls located on the pendant arm.
    5. The concrete is levelled with the vibration and any low spots in the mould are filled by the operator.
    6. Once the mould has been suitably filled, the hopper is parked in the park area of the main frame. The XY Feeder then lifts the mould and brings it to the set down position in front of the first stack. The pallet handler will collect the filled mould from this position.
    7. An empty mould is lifted from the correct position and it will be taken to the vibration system to be filled and vibrated.
  • XY Feeder Specifications

    • Hopper Capacity
    • 1.0 - 2.5m³

    • Max Product Width
    • 3.2m

    • Max Product Length
    • 8m

    • Max Product Depth
    • 1.5m

    • Max Mould Lift
    • 1 m

    • Hopper Cross Feed
    • 15m/min

    • Main Frame Cross Feed
    • 20m/min

    • Controls
    • Manually operated Danfoss levers

    • Vibrator Mounted on chute
    • Included

    • Power supply
    • 7.5 kW 380/440 V AC @ 50/60 Hz

    • Safety
    • Typical Coote Safety System

  • XY Feeder Optional Extras

    • Hopper extension
    • Dry / Wet hopper
    • Direction of door facing
    • Hopper Lift Function for reducing height of falling concrete
    • Radio Control Operation
    • Auger Filling Outlet
    • Slide Plate Hopper Outlet
  • XYZ Feeder Specifications

    • Max product depth
    • 1m (dependant on Vibrating table position in floor)

    • Installation
    • Machine arrives with “Plug + Play” for ease of installation

    • Safety
    • Typical Coote Safety system with collision barriers in conjunction with a safety relay

    • Hopper Lift
    • 0.8m to lower to smaller moulds or raise to deeper moulds

    • Mould Lift
    • up to 1.8m allows transport and stacking of filled and empty moulds

    • Operation
    • Radio Control Unit utilised for ease of operation, manual controls still available

  • XY Belt Feeder

    • The XY Belt Feeder is a filling system that utilises a skirted belt to move the concrete from the hopper into the mould.
    • Direction flaps can be individually controlled to allow the operator to accurately position the drop point of the concrete from the belt into the mould.
    • A drier mix can be used with this machine when needed.
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