Questions when investing in precast concrete machinery

Posted On: January 6, 2022

Precast Concrete Machinery manufacturers are a niche market not only within the UK but all over the world. The range of machinery manufacturers doesn’t even come close to other machinery such as tractors or almost any construction machinery. This can make life difficult for those who are looking to produce concrete products, who do you buy off? What is a high standard? How can I compare?

Before you make any decisions that will not only take up a large amount of your companies resources, ask yourself these questions and make sure that you don’t settle for anything but the best.


How is the lifespan of a machine? I want high quality…

Production machinery should almost never be a short term purchase. If you are thinking of entering or expanding your manufacturing efforts within the concrete industry, you should be looking for a machine that is going to last minimum 15 years. Here at Coote we have manufactured and witnessed fully functional machines that have been producing concrete products for over 20 years. When you buy high quality machinery such as here at Coote, you don’t need to worry about replacements, refurbishments or regular maintenance.


Can the machine match my production goals?

The important thing to remember when you ask this question is, different machines have different production levels. If you have production goals in mind then different machines will provide different opportunities to achieve these goals. For example, you may want to bring in a feeder machine to create more products through the moulds, however without being able to process the moulds through the system, production is slowed down. To solve an issue such as this, incorporating a pallet handler to process your moulds could therefore allow your feeder to produce a higher level or products and get closer to achieving your company goals. In conclusion, any machine will allow you to achieve production goals, it is about purchasing the right machine or machines for your process.


How much is this machine going to save me?

When you are looking at your return on investment, you must look at how much the machine costs against how much the machine will save you over time. With a range of today’s machines, with constant advancement in capabilities, machines can often operate the capabilities of at least two employees’s, potentially more. Although the cost of the machine is an initial liability, with the machines lifespan, it does not take long for the investment to be proven beneficial.



If you aren’t sure where to start or have any more questions specific to what machines you need or systems you already have in place, contact us here at Coote Engineering, one of our team would be have to speak with you.

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